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Saturday, April 05, 2008 




To the HOA members This memo is intended to share information on the power committee findings. As our disclaimer 

we advise you that we are in Mexico and what we learned in the past may not be accurate today. This is what we 

know today. CFE is the Mexican electric power utility in RP. They sell power to the residential community. They have 

two residential programs. These can be found on their website.  


               www.cfe.gob.mx./aplicaciones/ccfe/tarifas/tarifas/Tasifas.asp ?Tarifa=OM  


The low usage customer can chose the O-M program. It is good for those that estimate their usage to be up to 100 

KW per month. The cost per KW is 1.001 pesos about $.10 per KW. In MN we pay $.09 per KW. Almost the same. 

CFE has a 2nd program for the large residential user. It is based on the time of day you use power with the highest 

rate for power consumed between 8PM and 10P in the summer. It goes as high as 1.8630 pesos per KW. In the 

medium/low time it is about 1pesos per KW. You can get the exact rates from their website. If you chose to hookup 

and not use power the fee is 20 pesos per month. Also you don’t need to hookup if you don’t want. We do not need 

100% participation . In addition the homeowner has the option to not run a secondary line from the meter to the panel. 

Going back towards the substation there are several steps we need to consider First we must put in an underground 

system in the subdivision. This will include a 13.2KV underground line that runs the length of our road. Off this there 

will be drops that run to the transformers. Each transformer can feed 4 to 6 houses. Then we need 120/240volt drops 

to the meter sockets. We need to decide how much service each home will need, 100 amp or 200amp service. We 

need to hire a contractor to do this installation. When it is complete and operating we turn it over to CFE. They then 

own it, operate it and maintain it. We will work with CSI the local contractor to give us a price. The next step is to get 

13.2KV from the substation on the highway to our subdivision. There are many options being investigated. One is to 

work with Mayan Palace. We had a meeting with them last month that went well. The other option is to run our own 

line and turn it over to CFE. We are woking with CFE and CSI on options. By the time of our meeting we hope to have 

a questionair to handout to get some idea of the level of our HOA interest. 


  • Question: Will Miramar North be joining in the costs to run the line down the beach?

  • admin:

    The people that I know that are in Miramar North, are interested and willing to participate in the costs. From what I understand, getting financing to purchase an existing structure is easier (or only possible) if electricity is run to the lot. I am by no means the expert, but it stands to reason that all the lots would be more valuable with the ability to hook up to the power. If what I have heard is correct, the many people in our HOA that have their homes for sale would have an increase in potential buyers if you could include individuals that might want to finance instead of paying all cash.

  • The area to the north is named “MiramarBeachside”. We will be having meetings to discuss the value of electric power.

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