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Hi, folks,

Informal report by an owner on the beach, with pictures taken May 21.

Electrification at Playa Miramar by Carlos Amado’s crews seems to be coming along on schedule.

In his talk at our last HOA meeting, Carlos Amado said he expected agreement on the right of way for power connection within days.

Typical transformer serving several houses in place on a buried concrete manhole-caisson. All transformers are in place.

Typical meter socket boxes in place on an existing roadside wall. More than half of these are installed and wired.

Using the steel forms.

Cast concrete stanchions like the one in the picture above are being cast this week for properties without a roadside wall.

This past week, crews have been connecting the underground cables that will connect 13,000 volt service to the transformers.

Inside view of a transformer locked box connection plate. Red and black 13,000 volt connections are on the left. The silver paddles on the right will be used to connect the wires visible lying at the bottom of the connection box that will bring 120 and 240 volt power from the transformer to our home meter bases. It is up to the individual owner to contract for connection from meter base to home system.

As we know, Playa Encanto still has no power. Since infra-structure installation, owners there have waited year because of right-of-way snafus. The good news for us at Playa Miramar is in Picture 7, taken toward the estuary from our entry road. The pole on the left is the existing terminus of the power line supplying the twin towers of Mayan Palace. The pole on the right was installed this week by Carlos' crews and the loose connections for the 13,000 volt lines you see above were started on May 21. ...looks to us who are on the beach now that connection and test of the system must be pretty close.

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